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In order to get licensed and approved as a residential group home provider, the policy and procedure manual must be customized. The manual must be in compliance and pass the state surveyor's inspection based on your state's specific policies.  Not having the right policy manual and policies can delay the licensing approval process for months.  Each state's care home rules, regulations and standards are different.  Each state's policy manual have different topics, content, order of information, and rule numbers.  In other words, you cannot use a policy manual from one state in another state.

How We Help You?
Care Enterprise, LLC create and develop customized policy and 
procedure manuals that are unique to each specific state's rules, regulations, and codes.  Our consultants write all the content, proofread and send the completed policy manual directly to your email inbox in Microsoft Word format. An electronic version gives you the empowerment to make changes to your home care policies in the future when rules change. We take the guess work out of group home customized policy and procedure manuals
ALL customized policy manuals come with operations forms and the checklist to set up the home.

We provide "uniquely" customized policy manuals for multiple states.

License for a 24/7 residential home for intellectual and developmental disabled individuals.

  1. Arizona - For Adults
  2. Georgia - For Adults
  3. Maryland - For Adults: Policy Manual, QAP, and PSP  
  4. North Carolina - For Adult and Children - 10A NCAC 27G Codes 
  5. Pennsylvania – For Adults: 6400 Codes
  6. Texas - For Adults                                                     
  7. Virginia - For Adults: 12VAC35-105 Codes for Policy Manual, over 30+ customized operations forms, and 12VAC35-115 Codes for Human Rights Manual 

Other Documents and Steps Required for the "Virginia" Group Home License:

  • HCBS self-assessment tool:  Required AFTER you are licensed, or BEFORE going through the Medicaid Enrollment process. This step comes with nine different documents including the HCBS self-assessment questions with answers, training curriculum, person-centered plan, menus, activity calendar, resident handbook, and one-hour of consulting, and more. 

License for a 24/7 residential home for elderly, disabled, veterans, dementia, and other cognitive challenges.

  1. Georgia - For Adults (PCH)
  2. Pennsylvania – For Adults: 2600 Codes (PCH)

A licensed agency that provides non-medical home care services in the client's place of residence. The agency provides sitters and caregivers in client's homes.

  1. Georgia - 290-5-54 Codes - Private Home Care Provider (PHCP)
  2. Pennsylvania – 6100 Codes (HCS)
  3. North Carolina - 10A NCAC 13J Codes (In-Home Care) 

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NOTE: States that require customized operations forms based on the state's policy procedure review checklist will include the state's required forms. For example, Virginia policy review checklist have over 30+ customized forms, so the required customized forms are included with the policy manual.

Samples of Our Work
Sample #1 (For State of Virginia)
Sample #2 (Transportation Form)
Sample #3 (Menus)

Steps to Get the License Process Started:

  1. Download an Order Form
  2. If you decide to move forward, you will sign and date the order form, and email it back to our office.
  3. Once we receive the signed and dated agreement our staff will process your payment.
  4. Once the payment clears all documents will be emailed to client immediately in Microsoft Word format.
  5. We have customized the documents to your state's standard and you just put your personalized information in the manual. We've made it easy by highlighting the areas to personalize.
  6. Once client has received completed their documents, all payments are nonrefundable.
  7. RevisionsIf by chance the state surveyor request revisions/changes they can be done for a fee until approved.
  8. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, Zelle, and DO NOT accept checks, money orders, western union, or other type of card payments.